Drug Rehab in MAITLAND, FL


Healing in Maitland, FL

The United States is experiencing a crisis of substance abuse. Communities all across the US are dealing with huge numbers of people who are unable to cope with daily life, due to their reliance on drugs. As many people find their lives spiraling out of control, the fact is that treatment at an inpatient addiction recovery facility is the best answer for dealing with the crisis, which is why there are many drug rehab centers sprouting up to help offer healing and recovery.

Healing and Wellness substance abuse treatment facility in Maitland, Florida is dedicated to helping those who find their lives being ruined by their dependence on substances. A reliance on intoxicants can ruin a person’s judgement and have them getting into terrible situations that lead to job loss, divorce, and crime. Obviously, anyone who is hopelessly dependent on intoxicants needs help, which is why our substance abuse treatment facility in Maitland is working to help those whose lives are unravelling due to substance abuse.

Entering Treatment at the Maitland Drug Rehab Facility

A client who enters the addiction treatment facility in Maitland will first meet with a counselor who will give an evaluation. From there, a treatment plan will be established that works with the client’s individual situation. The plan will offer a combination of counseling, health care and other activities that support wellness. The addiction recovery center in Maitland works to treat clients with a dual diagnosis approach to recovery. This system treats both the substance abuse problem as well as any mental health issues the client has that may be driving their addiction.

Detox at the Addiction Treatment Center

Before the treatment plan is crafted, the client will undergo detoxification to remove the harmful chemicals from their system. When a person has been using drugs and alcohol steadily for a long period, the body may experience withdrawal symptoms including fever, anxiety, vomiting, and diarrhea once they stop using. For this reason, a licensed, experienced healthcare professional will be supervising the detoxification to ensure the client’s welfare and safety throughout the process. Once the client has detoxed, the therapeutic process will begin.

Counseling at the Maitland Addiction Recovery Facility

Addiction recovery begins after detox, as the client enters counseling. The sessions will be one-on-one with a counselor, or in a group setting with others in recovery. The group sessions allow the members to share their experiences with each other honestly, while giving support to others who are also working to maintain sobriety. The client will be expected to speak honestly about their challenges, and should know they are supported by the group and their counselor as the sessions go on.

Along with counseling sessions, the addiction recovery program in Maitland also offers many activities that help the client engage more fully with themselves and the world beyond the treatment center. These can include nature walks that are invigorating and inspiring, art therapy classes, yoga, and more. Becoming well also involves working to become physically sound, and all of these activities help support this goal.

Aftercare for Ongoing Sobriety

As the client’s full course of treatment at the Maitland addiction recovery center is completed, plans will be made for ongoing support as an outpatient. The reality is that even after treatment, the chance of relapse can still be high if the client goes back to their old habits. That’s why having a solid aftercare plan is so important.

A counselor at the clinic will help create a plan that can include staying in a sober living home with others in recovery, as well as signing up for ongoing outpatient therapy and twelve step sessions.

Is it time to really heal from addiction? If so, contact Healing and Wellness rehab clinic in Maitland, Florida to arrange a consultation today.