Drug Rehab in Orlando, FL

Here at Healing and Wellness, we can help provide the addiction treatment that you need to overcome this once and for all. What you need is a group of professionals who will help you get through addiction by offering a customized addiction treatment plan that will be designed around your needs and comprehensively altered to meet them. But first you must come to terms with your condition as a chronic brain disorder that will take all you have. You must admit yourself and others that you have a chronic condition that you cannot beat on your own. Once you have done so, you will be able to enroll in our drug rehab center in Orlando.

Supervised Detox

When you come to our addiction recovery clinic in Orlando, you will begin by going through supervised detox. When you stop using drugs, your body will go through withdrawal symptoms as you expel the harmful toxins that have built up over time. For this to go smoothly, you will need to be monitored carefully. That way, once you have gotten through this process, you will have an established foundation that will help you through the rest of your treatment.

One-on-One Sessions

Then you will begin addiction treatment therapy in one-on-one sessions. While you talk with a therapist about your issues with addiction, you will receive adequate advice from a professional. While you are creating your customized addiction treatment program with your therapist, you will also be screened for dual diagnosis. Nearly half the people we work with in addiction treatment are also going through mental health issues. To ensure that you have every chance at beating addiction, you will need comprehensive treatment.

Group Sessions

You will also go to group therapy. Here in our addiction recovery clinic in Orlando, you will meet people and connect on a deeper level. Group therapy is a very helpful treatment method because it allows you to be compassionate and empathetic with each other. You will realize that you are not the only one going through addiction. You will see that others are right there with you, and you can support each other throughout treatment. The levels of empathy that you will find here will motivate and inspire you.


When you go to leave our drug rehab facility in Orlando, you will not only leave with the support of those around you, you will depart with the guidance and care of your comprehensively altered and personalized addiction treatment plan. When you come to our Orlando drug rehab center, you will never be alone. You will have all the resources and assistance you need. Come to our addiction treatment facility and you will see that you will never be alone. Give Healing and Wellness a call today and we will begin setting up your addiction treatment clinic in Orlando, Florida today.