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Why You Should Choose a Residential Addiction Recovery Program

Addiction problems usually arise when individuals attempt to cope with physical or emotional pain. But addiction gives rise to even more problems. Prolonged addiction can cause your health to deteriorate and make life difficult for your family. If you have other mental health concerns, they can also make a recovery much more complicated. Although these facts sound daunting, if you are struggling with an addiction, you don't need to fight it alone. Here are some facts to help you choose the right addiction recovery center, but look no further. Healing and Wellness addiction treatment center in Andover, Massachusetts customizes treatment to your needs.

Questions to Ask

Drug rehab centers offer clients a variety of services that are necessary to detox and achieve sobriety. Because there are many types of addiction, rehab centers offer various methods of treatment customized to meet individual needs. Your primary considerations include the ambiance in the facility. Do you feel comfortable at the facility location? Does it have comfortable areas to sleep and eat? Will you feel comfortable in the indoor and outdoor common areas? Does the facility offer healthy and tasty foods to provide the nutritional support you need as you heal? Do the staff seem knowledgeable, friendly and focused on your individual needs? These are some of the questions that should be answered with a yes, to make your stay in a substance abuse treatment facility productive and fruitful. Our drug rehab in Andover can provide these things for you.

Benefits of a Residential Recovery Program

The treatment program schedule in our Andover drug rehab facility may vary depending on your needs and personal preference. For example, some treatment programs might allow you a lot of freedom during your day. Other programs may schedule activities for you. Initially, your focus will be on supervised detox. If you have a dual diagnosis of coexisting addiction and a mental illness, this will also be a factor in your recovery.

After detox, you can expect to start participating in individual and group therapy. You might worry that checking into an addiction treatment center means giving up your personal freedom, but one of the benefits of choosing a residential drug detox clinic, however, is that you have the opportunity to live with different people who are also working to overcome addiction. This bond during therapy sessions and even during everyday interactions in the facility can create a sense of community that's enormously important as you fight for sobriety.

Types of Treatments

An excellent facility bases individual recovery plans on different methods for treating drug addiction. The 12-Step approach to recovery treatment is the most renowned structure to tackling addiction. Other behavioral therapies in our Andover addiction treatment facility may focus on personal strategies for managing cravings and teach you techniques to prevent relapses. Some facilities extend therapy sessions to the client’s family members. Family support therapy is very helpful because it helps keep individuals motivated and focused on sobriety.

Most therapy sessions are designed to help people address underlying psychological problems that may be contributing to the addiction. Good therapy in an addiction recovery program encourages clients to focus on specific goals and celebrate small victories as they progress towards getting and staying sober. Additionally, some centers incorporate holistic, mind-body treatments into their regimens. The facility may carry one or more of these therapeutic approaches into your aftercare program to prevent you from relapsing.

Accepting Help

Addiction therapy experts agree that the initial step for healing is for the individual to recognize they have an issue and need assistance in overcoming it. Some people are afraid to seek help, and think it is embarrassing to admit that they have an issue. The most valuable realization is that you don't have to be alone in the fight. Addiction recovery programs offer the tools and support you need to get your life back on track in a secure environment. If you are ready for professional support on your road to sobriety, our addiction recovery facility in Andover, Massachusetts, can help.

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