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Are you struggling with addiction? Do you need to get away from a toxic environment filled with temptation? Healing and Wellness addiction recovery center in Arlington, Virginia, offers clients the full service and treatment required to get sober. We have a secure and supervised drug detox facility where your body is allowed time to clean out the harmful chemicals in your system. Our program also provides on-site care during rehabilitation, so you can focus completely on getting well. Give yourself the chance to start fresh with our addiction treatment facility in Arlington.

Taking Back Your Life

At our drug rehab facility in Arlington clients learn that they don't have to struggle alone to fight addiction. We can provide the support, treatment, and training needed to help you cope with life's demands and keep you triggers at bay. Any time of the day or night, when you are ready to take control of your life, we're here to guide you along the path. Our facility is well-maintained and fully staffed. Every aspect of your care is considered and provided for, as well as the needs of daily life. Clients enjoy our home-like environment, group activities, and attentive staff. We work hard to not only detox clients, but also give them the tools they require to stay clean and live a happy, healthy life. This can include therapy sessions, group meetings, and regular checkups to monitor your health.

Full Support and Care

From the moment you arrive at our Arlington addiction treatment center, you'll be given expert attention and provided support. Our drug detox clinic in Arlington gives clients a place where they can safely detox under supervised care. The staff will do everything possible to help you through this process. We also provide a tailored treatment plan designed for each client. During the first few meetings with staff, we'll also provide dual diagnosis for clients who may be dealing with a mental illness. Many people struggling with chronic conditions attempt to self-medicate. This can quickly turn into a dependence, but we provide the treatment needed to help get you back to a balanced state of mind and body.

A Community Approach

Sometimes, there are aspects of care that can only be handled with a group’s perspective. We find that clients often do better when they can share stories with each other and provide support for one another. Our Arlington addiction recovery facility provides clients the opportunity to join in group sessions and participate in social interaction outside of group. You'll be able to attend guided meetings to hear stories from others about their past and progress, and can share your experiences as well. If helpful, we may partner you with another client at the rehab treatment facility. This person will be further along in their rehabilitation and can provide personal guidance and advice. When clients are ready to transition back to their lives, we find an addiction recovery program in their local area to provide ongoing support in the form of regular meetings, a sober living facility, or a recovery sponsor.

Mature, Relevant Therapy

It is the goal of our Arlington substance abuse treatment facility to make all clients feel comfortable and safe. You'll be treated with respect. Feel free to let our staff know about any of your concerns or questions. The staff is trained to handle a variety of issues while clients get the services they require. You won't feel ignored or unwanted. We are also a secure drug treatment facility, clients can rest easy knowing that we provide 24-hour supervision and security both in common areas as well as outside the building. We understand that your safety and trust are key to a successful outcome.

There are many drug rehab centers out there, but only one can be the best match for your needs. We know Healing and Wellness can be your partner in addiction recovery. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to us.

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